photo courtesy of Bonnie J. Heath Photography

Our Animals

How our animals are raised is one of the most important parts of our business plan.  From feed to shelter to milking accommodations – the happiness of our dairy herd is integral in making a quality product.  Our goats are never given chemicals or hormones to induce lactation; they have a natural willingness to milk due to careful breeding and, of course, management.  Our goats are able to come and go freely between milkings, with access to hay, browse, cold, clean water and trace minerals throughout the day and have a balanced grain diet that is custom to their life stage and level of productivity.  And yes, each and every goat in the Coles Lake herd has a name, distinct voices and personalities, and little quirks that set them apart as individuals.

Our People

The operators of Coles Lake Dairy came together out of a mutual love for the craft and for the animals.

E Earl Morehead of ELEAMO SAANENS began with his Saanens in 1967 in Texas.
His beginnings were with Josephine Cunningham of Belton, Texas who sold Earl
his first Purebred Saanens. Earl was pretty young then and he could only afford
Saanens which were very very old but the job was done and he began raising youngsters
as well.  

Old photo taken back in 1973 in Alpine, Texas

Earl’s herd of Saanen dairy goats are some of the best in the country for conformation, longevity and production. Our does come from GA, TN, CA, and OR and they have travelled quite a distance.  Earl also comes from a family of culinary artists, and has been experimenting with goat’s milk products for personal use for over 40 years.   Earl has raised three children on raw goat’s milk since 1975 and in April 1985 Earl moved his Saanens from Texas to the state of Georgia which is now home sweet home.


Daniel Young also started with goats in 4H in the 80’s, and has shown the Sahara Hills Nubian herd on both the local and National levels.  Daniel is a licensed American Dairy Goat Association senior judge. This allows him to become familiar with dairy goats throughout the country, which plays an integral part in the breeding program in the Coles Lake herd.  Carefully planned, selective breedings ensure that the Coles Lake herd comes from stock that best exhibits the health and production qualities necessary to produce a quality product.

Our Products

It would be nearly impossible to give a comprehensive list of the products available from Coles Lake Dairy, as our offerings change frequently based on new ideas and the availability of fresh local products to be blended with our cheeses.  Though the science of cheese making has remained essentially unchanged for centuries, the artistry is unique to each cheese maker.  And as our artistry has evolved, we have been able to develop new and different cheeses and flavors and combinations to please even the most discriminating of palettes.   Our national award-winning chevre is our best seller and is available in plain as well as many sweet and savory varieties.  This wonderfully creamy, spreadable cheese adds that extra “something” to nearly any recipe, and is just as enjoyable with plain crackers as it is with artisanal bread and a glass of wine.

Ordering from Coles Lake Dairy

We’re quite confident that once you sample one of our cheeses, you’ll be back for more.  We offer product for both retail and direct wholesale purchase.  Retail products are typically packaged in six ounce portions.  Direct wholesale options are based on a tiered pricing system and are priced per pound.  Product can be shipped, is available at many Atlanta-area farmer’s markets or can be purchased directly from the farm by appointment only.  Wholesale orders can be delivered within the Atlanta metro area.

Now in October of 2010 we are going to launch our website sales of our award winning feta and chevre.

We hope you will enjoy the cheeses we have available online.

photo courtesy of Bonnie J. Heath photography



  1. This is new! Love the blog, guys. Keep up the good work. Jennifer Downey

    • Thanks for your input Jenifer. Looks like you are in the cheese business as well……..

  2. I loved seeing the farm and the cheese is wonderful!!! Anne Marie

    • Thank you for visiting our farm Annie.
      It all began years ago in Texas and in Georgia. We are now planning to offer the purchase of our cheeses online within the next two weeks. I am very excited about this. I hope you will be as well.

  3. Is your dairy open to the public for a visit?
    And….do you offer any cheese making classes?

  4. Very interested in you joing the Hogansville Homemade Homegrown Market. Please contact me for details.

  5. My Aunt told me about your farm located in Bowdon Junction – our family is in Mt.Zion – my body does not tolerate cow’s milk very well so I am so excited to visit – currently live in Newnan but will be visiting next weekend – love your recipes – do you have products like soaps and lotions?

  6. Hi. Great website. I was referred your way by Rusty and Travis at Pine Street Market. I’m a writer working on a story on GA agritourism for the Georgia Travel Guide. Wondering if you offer tours of your dairy farm and/or cheesemaking process?

    Thank you.


  7. Love your cheese that we get from the co-op through Moore Farms and Friends. Can’t wait for my next – Cheese Cranberry Cremisina!

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